Carlton Bates Awards MC Controls with “Rep of the Year”!


Marc Herron, Sales Manager at Carlton Bates Springfield recently presented Mike Stolte, Principal, MC Controls with a “Best of the Best” or “Rep of the Year” award

“We pride ourselves on working diligently with our distributors to support their sales efforts and it is always great to be recognized for those efforts” said Mike.

The award was given at a recent meeting in Springfield, MO for 2017.

“Our relationships with our distributors are key to our success and ultimately to the success of our manufacturers.” Mike Stolte added.  “We look forward to many years of continued partnership and success”






White Paper from ABB!

ABB Proper use of OCPD'sOptions for Overcurrent Protection Devices in Control Panels

Nearly every piece of electrical equipment requires protection to prevent damage from power quality issues or surges. From the tiny, tubular fuses that protect strings of Christmas lights to the enormous breakers safeguarding transformers and substation equipment, these protective devices provide essential insurance against both injury and equipment damage….(Read more)

ABB – Building a Better, More Profitable Control Panel

Working with Trip Characteristic Curves – ABB White Paper

working-with-trip-curves-220pxDo you have questions about properly utilizing trip curves in breaker applications?

This white paper from ABB walks you through, step by step, the reading and interpretation of the characteristic curves of the molded case circuit breakers and low voltage power circuit breakers manufactured by ABB.

This white paper takes an in-depth look at UL industrial control circuit breakers and their characteristic trip curves.  It includes actual examples of trip curves and may be just the information you are looking for!

Read the white paper here: ABB White Paper: Working With Trip Curves

ABB to manufacture innovative low-voltage solutions in Senatobia, Mississippi

“We will be manufacturing products here specifically for the U.S. market using advanced manufacturing methods,” said Frisio. “This investment was made in the surrounding Memphis area to have our production facility close to our U.S. headquarters. As a pioneering technology leader, we aim to have the broadest portfolio to make doing business easier for our customers.”

“ABB has become the only manufacturer of molded case circuit breakers making products in america for american customers”

In the last ten years, ABB has invested $10 billion in the U.S. and is the only manufacturer of MCCBs in America for American customers.

The 85,000-square-foot facility will produce ABB Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) and the ABB Emax 2 air circuit breaker, which were previously manufactured overseas.

ABB’s MCCBs are the smallest and most technologically advanced in the world. These devices provide protection via a combination of trip mechanisms for thermal overloads, short circuits and ground faults. ABB’s Emax 2 is the world’s first circuit breaker with integrated power management, which enables significant energy efficiency benefits. This facility will also produce a wide range of protection and control products.

The plant will create 200 new jobs by the third year of operation, with another 100 jobs expected to be added by the fifth year.

Read the full article here:

Product Spotlight – ABB XT Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breaker