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MC Controls Expands to Chicago!


We are excited to to now be representing SCE in one of America’s greatest cities!

As MC Controls grows, we will continue to partner with highly respected companies such as SCE that provide products for the Industrial Automation Field.

Stay tuned for more information in the near future!


Product Spotlight – SCE Breather Vent

SCE-BVK Breather VentThe SCE-BVK breather vent from Saginaw Control & Engineering is designed to equalize the pressure differential in an enclosure.  In extreme weather conditions or wash down applications a large negative pressure differential can develop in a tightly sealed enclosure.  Leakage can occur in the enclosure if it is not adequately vented.

An enclosure subjected to a temperature differential of just 20 to 30 degrees can result in damage to the seal.  When cool water is applied to an enclosure with a higher internal temperature, the temperature inside the enclosure rapidly drops.  The air contracts, creating a vacuum inside the enclosure.  Almost immediately, the vacuum starts to draw in water at the weakest link, or even pull water through the gasket.  This will continue until the pressure is equalized.  The smaller the enclosure the quicker this reaction occurs.

In Type 4 and 4X Enclosures, no drain holes are required or provided.  Therefore, it’s increasingly important that sufficient ventilation exists or a Type 4, 4X breather vent are added to equalize pressure.

Enclosures in outdoor applications can be exposed to conditions that are far more severe.  Solar gain can cause increased internal enclosure temperatures.  The enclosure will also be exposed to rain temperatures that can be as low as 32°F.

The SCE-BVK can be used as either a drain or breather vent.  Install on the side of your enclosure as a breather or on the bottom as a drain and vent.  It is made of corrosion and UV resistant Polycarbonate material and is UL Recognized Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3RX, 3S, 4, 4X & 12.

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Product Spotlight – Operator Enclosures from Saginaw

saginawoperator-systemsDid you know Saginaw Control and Engineering manufactures quality operator enclosures?

Whether you need a consolet, full console, desktop or slope top workstation, Saginaw has the product to meet you needs.

Manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility in Saginaw, MI, SCE is committed to understanding and meeting or exceeding the quality needs and expectations of all of their customers.

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Saginaw Part Numbers are now available on ePlan



If you are currently using ePlan, using Saginaw Enclosures just got easier!

SCE enclosure part numbers are now available on EPLAN. Over 1200+ parts will be integrated into the EPLAN web based application. This means many of you doing the engineering/designing can easily select our enclosures for your designs. The remaining enclosure part numbers, which consist mostly of the Large Enclosures, PBs, and CHNFs, will be added once complete, and they will have their next releases in the next few months.

New Product Announcement – Saginaw LED Strip Lights

SCE is pleased to aSaginaw StripLightAnnouncementnnounce the release our LED Strip Lights with a compact design to provide interior lighting for smaller enclosures.

  • Combined AC & DC 24 to 265 voltage range allows universal use with only one single model
  • ON/OFF switch or motion sensor available
  • Feed in / Feed out Push Fit Connecter on each end of fixture
  • Daisy Chain Adapter or cables allowing connection of up to 16 lights with AC and up to 8 lights with DC voltage
  • Power Socket Adapter with resettable power circuit breaker
  • Optional Daisy Chain or Power Supply Cords with Push Fit Connecters available
  • Magnets provided for quick installation

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Product Spotlight – Allied Moulded HMI Cover

Allied footer-logo

Allied Moulded’s new HMI cover kits are designed to provide protection for instruments or electronics requiring routine attention or detail. The cover kit features a strong and rigid design, mounting securely to the outside of any enclosure option, and makes accessibility to electronic components easy!

HMI cover kits are UL® recognized and maintain a NEMA 4X seal with the use of our Formed-In-Place (FIP) polyurethane gasket system, and is well-suited for outdoor applications. Multiple cover latching options are also available, including a hinge screw, tamper proof screw, and snap latch model. All are available in solid opaque or polycarbonate thermoplastic clear covers.

“We are really excited about offering HMI Cover Kits to the market,” explains Robert Knecht, Marketing & Product Manager. “This is a product that is truly application driven. ”

Allied CoverKit 2 _923x322

Product Spotlight – Saginaw Vented Type 3R Enclosure

Saginaw Control and Engineering’s Vented Type 3R Disconnect Enclosures are designed to house electrical controls, drives, instruments, and components used in an outdoor environment to provide a degree of protection for the equipment inside the enclosure against the ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt); and to provide a degree of protection with respect to the harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow). This design incorporates a rain cap that acts
as a solar shield to minimize solar heat gain, a rain hood with filters for air intake, and cooling fans to control internal heat load. The enclosures are designed to house most standard disconnects and are available in three standard sizes. more details


Product Spotlight – Allied Moulded POLYLINE Enclosures

Saginaw Announces Manufacturing Facility Expansion


Saginaw Control & Engineering is proud to announce the largest manufacturing facility expansion in our history!

We have broken ground on an 82,000 square foot manufacturing facility expansion in Saginaw, Michigan, due to be completed in mid-December. This additional space will enable us to continue to invest in new technology and equipment to keep us on the cutting edge of enclosure manufacturing. This will in turn increase our capacity while improving quality through new equipment and processes.

SCE is committed to maintaining a large amount of inventory of standard product on the shelf ready for immediate shipment, as well as keeping Customized Standard Enclosure (CSE) lead times to a short 3-4 weeks, with over a 99% on-time shipping performance.
We thank all of you for your business and support which has made this expansion possible.