Product Spotlight – Hot Spot Monitor from Grace

Safe Test Point from Grace Engineered Products

Product Spotlight – Voltage Test Station from Grace

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Grace Engineering – Voltage Test Station

The Voltage Test Station (VTS) is a Permanent Electrical Safety Device that allows workers to quickly and safely validate zero electrical energy from outside the electrical enclosure.

The VTS combines a voltage indicator and test points to confidently verify zero electrical energy.

Provides a safer and more productive method of performing LOTO, while exceeding NFPA 70E and meeting the OSHA energy isolation principle.

Lockable housings add an additional layer of protection by allowing authorized personnel to safely access the test points.

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Product Spotlight – Grace Port

Announcement! MC Controls and Grace Engineered Products

Grace Engineering logo-corporateMC Controls is pleased to announce that we are now the Manufacturer’s Representatives for Grace Engineered Products in Kansas and Western Missouri!

Grace Engineered Products designs products that keep people away from live voltage.  Every single day, people’s lives are changed forever by live voltage. They strive to come up with new ideas and innovative products that allow workers to perform their tasks productively while also increasing their safety by reducing the risk of arc flash and electrocution.

For more information check out : Grace Engineered Products