IIOT Integrator Business Transformation Roadshow Coming to Kansas City!

Barr-Thorp & Tosibox are bringing our national IIoT Roadshow to Kansas City.

We’ll show you how to build secure, award-winning IoT & maintenance infrastructure in minutes. Then we’ll show you how to transform your business by offering IoT services using those networks.   ( REGISTER HERE )



Be more than a technician, become a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Until now, IoT has been something only the big boys could do. Attend a roadshow and we will show you how to start an effective and profitable IoT practice that makes sense and makes you money.

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In a world where customers expect the most bang for their buck, we’ll show you how to enhance your business by offering cutting-edge, value-added services your customers need today.


426d624c-8d90-4758-91bf-10a0193a5c77CREATE RECURRING REVENUE STREAMS

Your customers rely on you for the latest security, technology and best practices. By leveraging the Clarioty tool-kit, Integrators will learn to create new service offerings and add recurring revenue streams.

Seminar Information:

Cost: $250 per company (with $250 credited toward discounted purchase price of Tosibox Starter Kit)

Location: Cabela’s

Date: Friday November 3rd


9:00 – 10:30 Tosibox IoT/Maintenance Infrastructure Product Introduction

10:40 – 10:45  Canary Labs Introduction

10:45 – 10:55  Connecting to data sources and logging to the cloud

10:55 – 11:10  Historian Demo

11:10 – 12:10  Trending – Dashboard Creation – Excel Reporting Demo

12:15 – 1:00    Lunch, Clarioty Introduction and Business model discussion

For more details and to register : http://www.barr-thorp.com/index.php/2017-tosibox-iot-roadshow/