Kansas City Hosts Very First Tosibox Roadshow for Integrators!

Tosibox Roadshow-eMC Controls was proud to help host the very first Tosibox Roadshow Event with Tosibox Partner Barr Thorp.  The event was held at Cabela’s and was highly attended by integrators looking to take their business to the next level.  These integrators gained a leg-up on the competition by learning and discussing how they can better support their customers and grow their business using IIOT technologies.

Interested in learning more about Tosibox’s innovative technologies?  Click here: http://mccontrols.com/blog/2016/07/11/tosibox-how-it-works/

Or visit the Tosibox website here: https://www.tosibox.com/north-america/

IIOT Integrator Business Transformation Roadshow Coming to Kansas City!

Barr-Thorp & Tosibox are bringing our national IIoT Roadshow to Kansas City.

We’ll show you how to build secure, award-winning IoT & maintenance infrastructure in minutes. Then we’ll show you how to transform your business by offering IoT services using those networks.   ( REGISTER HERE )



Be more than a technician, become a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Until now, IoT has been something only the big boys could do. Attend a roadshow and we will show you how to start an effective and profitable IoT practice that makes sense and makes you money.

Tosibox mobile-client-v3


In a world where customers expect the most bang for their buck, we’ll show you how to enhance your business by offering cutting-edge, value-added services your customers need today.


426d624c-8d90-4758-91bf-10a0193a5c77CREATE RECURRING REVENUE STREAMS

Your customers rely on you for the latest security, technology and best practices. By leveraging the Clarioty tool-kit, Integrators will learn to create new service offerings and add recurring revenue streams.

Seminar Information:

Cost: $250 per company (with $250 credited toward discounted purchase price of Tosibox Starter Kit)

Location: Cabela’s

Date: Friday November 3rd


9:00 – 10:30 Tosibox IoT/Maintenance Infrastructure Product Introduction

10:40 – 10:45  Canary Labs Introduction

10:45 – 10:55  Connecting to data sources and logging to the cloud

10:55 – 11:10  Historian Demo

11:10 – 12:10  Trending – Dashboard Creation – Excel Reporting Demo

12:15 – 1:00    Lunch, Clarioty Introduction and Business model discussion

For more details and to register : http://www.barr-thorp.com/index.php/2017-tosibox-iot-roadshow/