StatusBus from ABB Jokab Safety!

StatusBus is here: The newest revolutionary technology for machine safety solutions

StatusBus (a feature in every Pluto Safety PLC) allows you to connect the information output of your series safety devices (up to 30) into a single terminal and still be able to differentiate which device was activated.

StatusBus with Pluto allows for 30 devices to take only three safety inputs and only one StatusBus input.  This maintains Category 4, PLe, SIL 3 for the safety function as well as offers independent diagnostics for each device.

Most competitors need 90 inputs. We do it in with only four! That’s a 95 percent savings on I/O!

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Product Spotlight – Hot Spot Monitor from Grace

Coming Soon! TOSIBOX Lock 500

New product. TOSIBOX® Lock 500 will be available in 2018.

TOSIBOTosibox_Lock500_promoX® Lock 500 is a high-end connectivity device bringing unprecedented possibilities for customers to manage their operations and to build new IoT solutions. The Lock 500 is ideal for demanding industrial environments and opens new opportunities in security and office networking sectors.

The new Lock 500 is compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products, and the customers’ remote access infrastructure can be built cost effectively by utilizing multiple components.

Lock 500 main features

  • Performance; up to 90 Mbit/s VPN throughput
  • Built-in LTE modem with dual-SIM slots for operator redundancy
  • Digital I/O (2/2) e.g. for control of and information on VPN and Internet connection status
  • Industrial screw-on DC power connector
  • Integrated DIN rail mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Industrial housing
  • Regional approvals: CE, FCC, UL

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Allied Moulded – HMI Cover Kits

New Product from SCE!

Saginaw Orange Sticker

Saginaw Control is continuously looking for ways to improve the cost and quality of products for their customers, sometimes the simple changes can make the biggest differences.

For instance, there are projects that specify for interior of the enclosure door to be orange. The intent was to simply increase visibility of the door and warn of a potential hazard while the door is open.  However, painting the inside of the door comes at a significant added expense to the enclosure due to the tremendous amount of labor, masking, preparation and application, as well as materials, required to accomplish this.

There is a better way to achieve this intended effect while improving the visibility and warning of potential hazard!

Caution Labels are now available, adding far less cost than traditional method of painting the interior of the door.

Reduce your cost without sacrificing anything.

For more information check out the Caution Labels on their website, or contact your sales rep.

Safe Test Point from Grace Engineered Products

Introducing the NEW ABB Sentry Safety Relay!

Sentry safety relays

ABB introduces a new line of powerful and easy to use safety relays, suitable for all common types of safety applications.

  • simplify troubleshooting and resetting – to reduce downtime
  • are universal for all common applications – to reduce stock
  • are easily wired and configured – to save installation time.

Some of the features of the Jokab Safety Sentry family of safety relays that enable continuous operations are:

  • three-color LEDs that convey a wider variety of status messages to simplify troubleshooting
  • preset configurations and extensive fault information on models with displays
  • timer functions with accuracy better than 1 percent to minimize downtime
  • a multi-reset function in which up to 10 Sentry safety relays may be reset with the touch of only one button

Links Here:

ABB Sentry Web page

ABB Sentry Data Sheet


White Paper from ABB!

ABB Proper use of OCPD'sOptions for Overcurrent Protection Devices in Control Panels

Nearly every piece of electrical equipment requires protection to prevent damage from power quality issues or surges. From the tiny, tubular fuses that protect strings of Christmas lights to the enormous breakers safeguarding transformers and substation equipment, these protective devices provide essential insurance against both injury and equipment damage….(Read more)

Product SpotLight – ABB Contactors for Safety Applications

AFS ContacABB Safety contactorstors for Safety Applications

Help make your system safer

Designed for machine safety applications, AFS contactors come with fixed front contact blocks (mechanically linked and mirror contacts) making them ideal for monitoring and controlling circuits. ABB’s complete range of safety components make protection systems easier to build.

Main benefits

  • Complying with main safety standards EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061 guaranteeing the safe use of machinery and equipment
  • Contactors status guaranteed with permanently fixed front-mounted auxiliary contact blocks
  • Easy safety chain identification with the yellow housing
  • Simplify calculation of installation safety level with safety values available in FSDT and Sistema tools

Main features

  • Up to 45kW – 400 V AC-3, 60hp – 480 V and 130A – 690 V AC-1, 115A – general use
  • Fast opening times as low as 35 ms for AFS09…AFS38 contactors
  • Mirror and mechanically linked contacts with 3rd party certificate
  • Low energy auxiliary contacts feature a minimum switching capacity 12 V, 3 mA 10-7
  • Built-in surge suppression

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Sentry safety relays

New Sentry Safety Relays from ABB-Jokab Safety!

Looking for a Full Featured range of cost-effective safety relays?

ABB-Jokab Safety has the answer!

The Sentry safety relays are powerful and easy to use safety relays, suitable for all common types of safety applications.  The Sentry series contains basic models for simple applications and easy output expansion, as well as highly flexible models with extremely accurate timer functions.  Sentry safety relays are used in both simple and more advanced safety solutions when safety devices need to be monitored according to the requirements of functional safety standards.

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