SCCR Toolkit Available From ABB!

WSlide Rule on a mechanical drawing of a gear box.hether you are developing a new panel or manufacturing a product which has been a proven winner for your company, it’s tempting to want to continue to use the same components time and again. However, incorporating newer components could improve your productivity, efficiency, and maximize system reliability. Don’t let the seemingly daunting task of recalculating the SCCR keep you from improving your design!

To make improving your control panel design easier, our experts have designed this toolkit take the work out of SCCR calculations so you can stay focused on the bigger picture. Click on the link in our Resource Center below to get your FREE pocket-sized slide rule to assist you with on-the-spot calculations. Our 3-step training module walks you through real-life examples of calculations. Our white paper gives an overview of the process. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest solutions and technology by subscribing to our newsletter. In addition, the published system ratings of tested and certified motor controllers are listed on the UL website, providing you another information time-saver to make control panel design even simpler.

Click here to access the Toolkit:

By accessing the link above you can get your FREE SCCR SlideRule!

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Determining Short Circuit Current Ratings in Industrial Control Panels

426d624c-8d90-4758-91bf-10a0193a5c77ABB White Paper available!

Do you have questions about SCCR ratings?

We are always trying to provide useful information for our customers and distributors and ABB has developed this useful white paper on determining SCCR ratings. Everchanging standards can make it hard to keep up, so when ABB published this informational white paper, we thought you would like to know!


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