Saginaw on Manufacturing Marvels!

New Product from SCE!

Saginaw Orange Sticker

Saginaw Control is continuously looking for ways to improve the cost and quality of products for their customers, sometimes the simple changes can make the biggest differences.

For instance, there are projects that specify for interior of the enclosure door to be orange. The intent was to simply increase visibility of the door and warn of a potential hazard while the door is open.  However, painting the inside of the door comes at a significant added expense to the enclosure due to the tremendous amount of labor, masking, preparation and application, as well as materials, required to accomplish this.

There is a better way to achieve this intended effect while improving the visibility and warning of potential hazard!

Caution Labels are now available, adding far less cost than traditional method of painting the interior of the door.

Reduce your cost without sacrificing anything.

For more information check out the Caution Labels on their website, or contact your sales rep.

Suspension Systems Now Available From Saginaw Control and Engineering!

Saginaw HMI Arm

Saginaw Control now has Suspension Systems available!

The suspension systems are designed for use with the SCE HMI enclosures, to allow operators to easily move or position an HMI to an ergonomic and comfortable working position. Made of heavy-duty and reliable construction. Suspension Systems can be assembled in a multitude of configurations that allow for machine mount, wall mount, top mount, and floor mount options.

Product Attributes:

  • Cast aluminum couplings.
  • Extruded aluminum tubes (6060T66).
  • Rotating couplings have adjustable tensioner brakes to control movement while in use.
  • Rigid, durable bearings in all rotating couplings withstand the stress of continuous use.
  • Open or closed tube design.
  • Open tube allows for easy access to lay in wiring, with easy to install push fit rubber cover.
  • Closed tube acts as conduit for feeding wiring.
  • Removable access covers on all couplings with 90 degree turn.
  • Hardware and gasket included for installation of coupling to tube.

View the Suspension System page on our website to view the Individual Components and Possible on our website and contact your sales rep for more information and to order.

MC Controls Expands to Chicago!


We are excited to to now be representing SCE in one of America’s greatest cities!

As MC Controls grows, we will continue to partner with highly respected companies such as SCE that provide products for the Industrial Automation Field.

Stay tuned for more information in the near future!