MC Controls now Representing Finder Products in Chicago!

ChicagoFinder – A True Manufacturer
Since 1954, Finder has concentrated its efforts on the manufacture of quality products. Today it makes over 12,500 different products, including industrial relays, miniature and ultra-slim relays, power relays, timers relay sockets and accessories and much more.

MC Controls is proud to be the new representative for Finder in the Greater Chicago Area!

Please contact Jim Devitt for a product demo!

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Product Spotlight – Series 84 Smart Timer

Finder Smart Timer“Two in one” Digital Timer: two totally independent programmable channels, in a single product

A step forward for easier, quick and flexible programming right from your smartphone. With NFC technology and “Finder Toolbox” Android App.  Two programming modes (via smartphone with NFC communication or via the joystick).

• Two programming modes: “Smart” mode via smartphone with NFC communication or “Classic” mode via the joystick

• Wide backlit display for easy reading of all information during the programming phase and during normal operation

• Flexibility: it’s possible to create new specific functions, mixing the 25 available functions on each channel

• High precision and possibility of choice in time set-up: – Time units; 0.1 seconds, seconds, minutes, hours – Set-time to 4 digits, anywhere between 000.1 second and 9999 hours

• Large display allows easy viewing: set time, current time, timing in progress, input command state, output state

• 1 CO (16 A) + 1 CO (16 A) output contacts

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