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Product Spotlight Video – ABB’s AF Contactor

Carlton Bates Awards MC Controls with “Rep of the Year”!


Marc Herron, Sales Manager at Carlton Bates Springfield recently presented Mike Stolte, Principal, MC Controls with a “Best of the Best” or “Rep of the Year” award

“We pride ourselves on working diligently with our distributors to support their sales efforts and it is always great to be recognized for those efforts” said Mike.

The award was given at a recent meeting in Springfield, MO for 2017.

“Our relationships with our distributors are key to our success and ultimately to the success of our manufacturers.” Mike Stolte added.  “We look forward to many years of continued partnership and success”






Exciting changes for ABB eOT enclosed disconnects

ABB Disconnects 2

ABB eOT enclosed disconnects soon to be made in the US, and now include IEC ratings

ABB is pleased to announce the assembly of its eOT enclosed disconnects will soon begin a gradual relocation from Mexico to our plant in Senatobia, MS. This move will allow ABB to be closer to the customer and respond quickly to market demands. In addition, IEC ratings have been added to select part numbers.

Changes to expect:

  • Assembly location markings to change from “Assembled in Mexico” to “Assembled in the U.S.”
  • IEC ratings and CE markings across the board – except for NEMA 1-rated enclosures. To date, these products have been only UL rated.
  • These ratings can now be found on the global product page.
  • The catalog is being updated with the new ratings and scheduled to be released during Q2 of this year.
  • Handle sizes were changed in selected part numbers to 45mm in order to meet specifications for receiving IEC rating. This change accommodates the operation torque necessary for IEC that is not relevant to the UL market. See the chart in “Related Links” for more information on the new handle size and which products were affected.


StatusBus from ABB Jokab Safety!

StatusBus is here: The newest revolutionary technology for machine safety solutions

StatusBus (a feature in every Pluto Safety PLC) allows you to connect the information output of your series safety devices (up to 30) into a single terminal and still be able to differentiate which device was activated.

StatusBus with Pluto allows for 30 devices to take only three safety inputs and only one StatusBus input.  This maintains Category 4, PLe, SIL 3 for the safety function as well as offers independent diagnostics for each device.

Most competitors need 90 inputs. We do it in with only four! That’s a 95 percent savings on I/O!

More information HERE

New ABB motor starting solution introduces tool-free, push-in wiring!

ABB is launABB 2CDC246003F0018_508pxching the industry’s first range of motor starting solutions with a Push-in Spring technology that makes fault-free wiring easier than ever. The innovative tool-free connection concept speeds up wiring work and provides a vibration-resistant connection that makes continuous operation more reliable.

ABB’s intuitive 2-in-1 design combines the advantages of both Push-in and Spring technology in a single terminal.

In Push-in mode, rigid cables or cables with ferrules can be connected tool-free. The operator just pushes them into the cable holes, cutting wiring time by up to 50 percent in comparison to a conventional spring solution and making installation significantly easier. The self-tightening terminals help eliminate wiring errors and mean there is no need for routine re-tightening work.

Spring mode makes it simpler to insert small cross-section cables or cables without ferrules, and also makes unwiring the motor starters significantly faster. The operator simply inserts a screwdriver into the clearly marked holes before inserting the cable. This one-step process makes ABB’s solution easier to use and less prone to damage than conventional spring mechanisms. 


Product Spotlight – ABB SNK Terminal Blocks


The Truly Smart Range

The innovative range available in PI-Spring (Push-In and Spring)  , screw clamp and pluggable technologies with common accessories and now distribution blocks.
Qualified for worldwide applications and severe environments (such as hazardous locations,  railways, marine and solar applications).

See the extensive offering here:

Benefits of the SNK Line:

  • Smart connection : the ABB PI-Spring technology allows 50% faster connection time & reduced effort and conductor preparation time
  • The ABB screw clamp technology eliminates the need for retightening campaigns
  • Smart logisitics : PI-Spring and screw clamp ranges share the same accessories reducing inventory by up to 50%
  • Selection and installation process is faster thanks to optimized accessories and direct plug-in functions
  • Smart Design : avoid mounting and wiring errors thanks to SNK asymmetrical design and flat and visible marking area .
  • Excellent marker visibility thanks to the exclusive top marking location

SNK Website here:

Contact MC Controls here:

Announcing the New ABB DRAF Enclosed Starter!

ABB Starter enclosedABB is pushing the boundaries for motor control and power switching by launching its DRAF starter, embedding the well-established AF technology. The electronically controlled coil of AF contactors offers multiple benefits over conventional alternatives.

The DRAF is an enclosed direct-on-line starter used for 3 phase motor control up to 7.5 kW (400 V) and 10 hp (440 V). The starter is available for both IEC and UL market. Control of stand-alone motors like heat pumps, air conditioning units, small machine tools, irrigation, diary sheds are typical applications for DRAF.

 DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starter allows you to improve your installation efficiency

“This was a highly awaited product and it is a key addition to the AF portfolio providing a plug and play starting solution”, says Yves Dorn, Senior Global Product Manager Control and Protection .
“Combined with AF contactors benefits, product variants are reduced to a few.  It will allow our customers to simplify their logistics and cut administration costs. Product availability has never been so easy.”

More Information Here:

Contact MC Controls Here:


Introducing the NEW ABB Sentry Safety Relay!

Sentry safety relays

ABB introduces a new line of powerful and easy to use safety relays, suitable for all common types of safety applications.

  • simplify troubleshooting and resetting – to reduce downtime
  • are universal for all common applications – to reduce stock
  • are easily wired and configured – to save installation time.

Some of the features of the Jokab Safety Sentry family of safety relays that enable continuous operations are:

  • three-color LEDs that convey a wider variety of status messages to simplify troubleshooting
  • preset configurations and extensive fault information on models with displays
  • timer functions with accuracy better than 1 percent to minimize downtime
  • a multi-reset function in which up to 10 Sentry safety relays may be reset with the touch of only one button

Links Here:

ABB Sentry Web page

ABB Sentry Data Sheet


White Paper from ABB!

ABB Proper use of OCPD'sOptions for Overcurrent Protection Devices in Control Panels

Nearly every piece of electrical equipment requires protection to prevent damage from power quality issues or surges. From the tiny, tubular fuses that protect strings of Christmas lights to the enormous breakers safeguarding transformers and substation equipment, these protective devices provide essential insurance against both injury and equipment damage….(Read more)