Tosibox – How It Works

Secure remote connection made simple.

Interested in seeing how the Tosibox works?  Click here to watch the video!

New Product Announcement! Tosibox Keyed Remote Connection

The woTosibox Lock 200rld’s only plug-and-go technologyTosibox Key 200

TOSIBOX® patented Plug & Go™ technology is the world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution. It sets up a point-to-point connection in seconds from a mobile crypto processor, Key to a router, Lock.

TOSIBOX® delivers fast and easy remote access to your machines and devices. It takes less than 5 minutes to deploy and it connects almost anything to any network without a need to open any firewall access.

Superior security

TOSIBOX® delivers high-level security. It employs PKI using RSA and multi-factor authentication coupled with TLS, Blowfish and AES encryption standards, so you can rest assured that access to your data and networks remains private and secure. TOSIBOX® also offers an additional layer of security by acting as a firewall in most implementations. The technology does not require third party interaction (cloud).

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